What Does Ford Roadside Assistance Include?

2023 Ford Explorer ST

Congratulations on becoming a Ford owner! With a new Ford vehicle, you’ll have complimentary access to Ford Roadside Assistance for five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first

Whether you’re going on about your day in Blanchard or you’re headed outside of Stonewall for a road trip, Ford is there for you 24/7. As your premium Ford dealer in Shreveport, Rountree Ford will tell you more about the services available to you through Ford Roadside Assistance below!

Flat Tires

Getting a flat tire when you’re out and about is every driver’s worse nightmare and while you can do plenty to prevent that from happening, it’s still possible you’ll get a flat on the go.  Thankfully, Ford Roadside Assistance can be there for you as soon as possible. Provided you have a spare tire on board, a Ford professional will change it for you and get you back on the road in no time.

Dead Batteries

Car’s not starting and you’re stuck on the road? It happens to the best of us. All you have to do is call the Ford Roadside Assistance phone number at 1 (800) 241-3673 and a Ford professional will drive out to give you a jump-start. 

Lock Outs

Sometimes, you’re running from one destination to the next, and if you ever accidentally lock your keys in your Ford when you’re in a rush, Roadside Assistance will get you back in. Please note that if a key replacement is necessary, the customer is responsible for the cost.

Complimentary Towing

Ford Roadside Assistance will tow your disabled Ford to the nearest qualified Ford dealership as long as your vehicle is within 100 feet of a road. Towing a trailer? Ford will cover up to $200 in trailer towing costs.

Fuel Delivery

If you ever run out of gas on the road in Bossier City, Ford Roadside Assistance will bring you two gallons of gasoline or five gallons of diesel fuel.

What’s the Ford Roadside Assistance Phone Number?

Whether you need your vehicle towed or you need a jump-start, you’ll need to call the Ford Roadside Assistance phone number, which is 1 (800) 241-3673. When you call for assistance, your Ford professional will need the following information:


  • Your current location
  • Your Ford model and color
  • Your license plate number
  • Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Besides the Ford Roadside Assistance number, you can also submit a request online if you want to ask for help faster. 

Learn All About Ford Ownership in Shreveport 

Ford Roadside Assistance is just scratching the surface of all the resources you’ll have handy when you’re a Ford owner. New to the Ford club? No worries– Rountree Ford will be happy to introduce you to all of the goodies, including the FordPass™. Just reach out!  

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