How to Boost a Car’s Trade-In Value

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When you’re considering trading in your vehicle, you want the most money for your car that you can get. Rountree Ford has put together this page to help drivers from Shreveport, Bossier City, and Stonewall, LA, do that. With the money you make from your trade-in, you can put it towards your next vehicle or whatever else you want.

Read this page to take a look at some ways to boost your car’s trade-in value.

Know Your Car’s Worth

Knowing what your vehicle is worth is one way to boost the value of your car. So, how do you figure out your car’s worth? You can use value or estimator tools online to give you an idea. Our dealership has a tool like that called What’s My Car Worth? In less than ten minutes, you can get an estimate and a redeemable offer for your car at our dealership.

It doesn’t hurt to look at a few of these tools to get a range. Bring this information with you and negotiate if you feel like you’re not being offered enough.

The Best Time to Trade In

The price you get for your trade-in can depend on many different factors. These factors can include the age of your vehicle, gas prices, how many of your car’s model are being sold right now, and even time of year!

Sometimes, you can’t help when you need to trade a vehicle in and get a new car. However, if you can, waiting until the end of the year can mean a better price on your vehicle. At the end of the year, dealers are looking to increase their inventory since so many drivers are buying.

Checking how many vehicles that match your vehicle’s make and model are on the market right now can let you know how much you might get for your trade-in. If there are more models similar to yours on the market, it may not be as valuable. Waiting until there are fewer of your specific make and model might get you a bit more for your trade-in vehicle.

Spruce Up Your Vehicle

Cleaning up your vehicle and making it look nice makes your car look well cared for. A well-cared-for car is worth more than a vehicle that isn’t in as good condition. A good wash and vacuum can help make your vehicle look nicer.

While you’re cleaning your car, it doesn’t hurt to fix minor issues like dents, scratches, and even changing a lightbulb if needed. You’ll want to keep an eye on how much these repairs cost and make sure you don’t spend more than your vehicle would be worth with those repairs.

Trade-In Your Vehicle at Our Dealership

These tips will help you get the most out of your trade-in so you can put it towards your next vehicle. Rountree Ford has many experienced team members who can help you through the process and make it easy and efficient. We look forward to seeing drivers from Shreveport, Bossier City, and Stonewall, LA.

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