New Car Checklist

Ford New Car Checklist

Buying a new car isn’t something you do every day. So, it’s understandable that you might be looking for more information about the process before you visit Rountree Ford.

Luckily, we’ve put together this new car checklist. It can help drivers in Shreveport, Bossier City, and Stonewall know what to expect throughout the car-buying process. Then, you can be better prepared when it’s time to drive that new car home.

1. Plan your budget.

Figure out what you want your monthly payments to be. Then, figure out how much you’re able to put toward a new car’s down payment. Interested in selling us your current vehicle? Use our online tool to value your trade, so you can see how much it can add to your down payment.

Once you have all this figured out, enter your information into our monthly payment calculator to discover your new car price range.

2. Do your research.

Now that you know what price range you’re looking at, it’s time to start finding a vehicle that’s right for you. Make a list of the features you’re looking for. Then, determine which ones you can’t live without—maybe you need enough space for a dog crate or traction to help you drive across muddy trails.

Use this information to start your research online, searching for vehicles that meet your preferences.

3. Schedule a test drive.

When you find a couple models you’re interested in, locate dealerships that have them in stock and schedule a test drive. This way, the dealership can make sure each vehicle is gassed up and easy to access when you arrive.

4. Prepare for your visit to the dealership.

Once you start test driving, the process can go surprisingly quick. Make sure you’re prepared with everything you might need to take that new car home today. You’ll want to bring your checkbook, driver’s license, and proof of insurance.

If you’re planning to trade in your current vehicle, give it a thorough cleaning. Plus, make sure you have its title and registration since you’ll need these to be able to sell it to the dealership.

5. Apply for credit online.

Most dealerships offer online finance applications to help streamline the process. This can help prevent you from sitting at the dealership struggling to remember your yearly income or social security number. Plus, filling this out ahead of time can allow the dealership’s finance department to start putting together your payment options before you arrive.

Start Your Car-Buying Journey Today!

Now that you know what goes into the car-buying process, it doesn’t seem too bad, does it? Following the simple steps outlined in our new car checklist can help save you from headaches when you’re ready to drive that new car home.

Now, it’s time to get started. Check out the Ford reviews on our website to find a model that fits your preferences. Then, contact Rountree Ford to schedule your test drive near Shreveport, Bossier City, and Stonewall, LA. Don’t forget—we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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