Top Boutiques Around Shreveport LA

The fashionable folks near Shreveport, LA, are one lucky crew. This area is a cornucopia of enticing apparel.

In this article, you’ll get the scoop on some of Shreveport’s hottest boutique clothiers. This is the sort of shopping that leaves you feeling great. It’s easy to find unique additions for your wardrobe, and you’re supporting local businesses as you go.

Let’s hit the shelves—ready, set, shop!

Favorite Sisters Boutique

The highlights: Women’s’ apparel in sizes 0 to 20, accessories including earrings and shoes.

As the name lovingly implies, Favorite Sisters Boutique is a family-run establishment. They aim to make boutique fashion affordable and playful, and available to all.

Their clothing style balances unusual cuts and patterns with refreshingly simple designs. The resulting pieces are eye-catching, without ever feeling over-the-top. Their snazzy blouses are the sort of pieces that transition effortlessly from a big meeting at work to a Friday date night.

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Sassafras Gift Boutique

The highlights: Apparel in sizes small to large, accessories including jewelry and makeup bags

Sassafras Gift Boutique has a sweet origin story. The owner’s grandmother ran a boutique in the 1980s—in the exact same location!

If you’ve realized that your closet needs some brightening up, the rainbow palette of Sassafras will revitalize your shelves. From chic modern rompers to cute classic tees, this boutique offers styles for every aesthetic. The clothes are casual, cute, and comfy—all at once.

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Simply Chic Boutique

The highlights: Apparel in sizes small to large and some plus sizes, jewelry, and hair accessories.

If you’re looking for anything flowy, flouncy, or generally feminine, Simply Chic Boutique will draw you in. Much of their clothing has a breezy, casual style that lets you turn any walk around your neighborhood into a fashion show.

There’s lots of gentle tie-dye-inspired patterns, and cheerful accessories that let you personalize your outfit. It’s hard not to have fun while you’re browsing Simply Chic.

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Get Dressed Up Now

With so many compelling options around Shreveport, what’s a shopper to do? The only true solution is to visit them all.

You and your fashionable friends now have a treasure map for your next shopping spree. Visit these high-quality, local boutiques today for beautiful and one-of-a-kind clothing.